Relocating to Hartford: Picking a Town

So you’re thinking of moving to the Hartford area? That’s great – it’s quite lovely here! Have you thought about which town you might want to move to – where to put down roots? Greater Hartford is made up of lots of small towns that each have their own character, strengths and weaknesses. The challenge is that what may be a strength to one buyer is a weakness to another. If you have a job

Responding to an Anonymous Comment

The first time anyone comments on my blog, it needs to be approved by me before it’s displayed on the post. This is mostly to keep rogue X-rated comments from showing up that were missed by my Akismet spam catcher. But sometimes real people, who refuse to give real names and contact information, make nasty comments on my blog, hoping they’ll get published. Sometimes I do publish them and respond. Sometimes I just spam them

Negotiating Your Relocation Package- Buy Side

Last week I wrote about various benefits you may get in a corporate relocation package when you need to sell a house. Today we’ll cover benefits you may receive if you’re buying a home in your new location. In all cases, you’ll work with a real estate agent to find your new home. If you know of a specific agent that you’d like to work with, tell your relocation company that agent’s name and their

Negotiating Your Relocation Package- Sell Side

The end of the year is always busy with professionals relocating for work, as hiring managers rush to use the remainder of their budget or as they prepare for new budget funds that will be available with the coming of a new year. When you receive your job offer from an employer and you need to move a substantial distance away from your current location, you’ll typically be presented with a relocation package. This will