Negotiating Your Relocation Package- Buy Side

Last week I wrote about various benefits you may get in a corporate relocation package when you need to sell a house. Today we’ll cover benefits you may receive if you’re buying a home in your new location. In all cases, you’ll work with a real estate agent to find your new home. If you know of a specific agent that you’d like to work with, tell your relocation company that agent’s name and their

The Fight for Young Professionals in the Hartford Area

Young professionals, usually associated with Generation Y (1980-1994), are where it’s at. Local towns and cities in central Connecticut are fighting over them because there are a lot of them (Gen Y is the largest demographic group since the Baby Boomer generation) and they have a lot of spending power. Hartford has spent quite a bit of time and money courting young professionals to work and live in the city. Hartford 21, the Lofts at

Downtown Hartford Living: Here Come the Groceries

The development of downtown Hartford is always of interest to me because I work with clients that contemplate living in the city versus the ‘burbs. Today, the Courant provided some insight on the build-out of the grocery store in the Hartford 21 building on Trumbull Street. Soon, I will finally have a better answer to, “Where is the nearest grocery store?” when asked by a customer. At this point I tell them 3 options, Wethersfield,