You’re Mine

You're Mine

Great, thanks for meeting me at this house, I’m glad we were able to take the tour. Now that I showed you the house, you have to sign this contract. It says that I’m your real estate agent, that we’re going to be working together to find you a home. Go ahead and sign it now. You’re mine. An FYI to buyers … just because a real estate agent tries to get you to sign

Firing Clients

The other day I called an agent to get some feedback after they showed one of my listings. The agent informed me that they were not sure what the person thought about the home because they had fired their client and would no longer be working with them. The agent indicated that the client repeatedly wasn’t respectful of their time and the agent was cutting their losses, rather than continue to be disrespected. Honestly, it

A Biking Real Estate Agent

About a month ago I wrote a story about wanting to use my bicycle more for real estate. We have many regular readers who are bike enthusiasts, who were all very supportive of my effort … thank you for that. I’m happy to report that I’ve made good progress on my goal. Most importantly, I’ve eliminated some of the physical and mental barriers that I felt were keeping me from truly embracing the bike. The

Please Turn on Your Heat

I’m cheap. I don’t like turning the heat on any sooner than necessary. But it’s already cold out. Showing houses that don’t have the heat turned on is no fun. Particularly if we’ve just gotten out of a nice warm car with seat heaters. Buyers typically won’t stay long in a house if they’re cold. It’s not very welcoming. The longer you can get someone to stay in your home, the better chance you have