Going On Vacation

Most real estate agents are self-employed. And when you’re self-employed, it’s sometimes difficult to go on vacation. While a real estate agent can usually find an agent from their office to cover for them for a few days while they’re away, the covering agent doesn’t really know their clients and the clients don’t really know the agent covering. There is something missing on the comfort-level front. Typically both sides can suck it up for a

An Exciting Email

Last week I received an email from a person inquiring about one of our listings. They wondered if it was still for sale. We get these sorts of messages every now and then. They’re exciting – a new lead and opportunity for our seller. I responded that it was and said that I’d be happy to answer any questions for them or take them for a visit, if they’d like. A few days later they

Update: I'm Not At Home

Many people are using social media these days. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and many others that aren’t even on my radar. These applications are great for staying in touch with people near and far, people that you know personally and even some that you don’t but have found because of common interests. Depending on your online habits, you may use the applications differently. Some people feel the need to update others on every aspect of their

Recommendations for Paris?

NOTE: Non-real estate related blog follows. Kyle and I recently realized that we haven’t been on vacation in 2.5 years. We’ve decided to go to Paris, France for 6 days in January. We’ll be staying in the Latin Quarter, thanks to a helpful recommendation from another blogger. Just wondering if any of my readers have suggestions on must sees or must visits in Paris? All of the major sites will be visited, so we’re looking