An Exciting Email

Last week I received an email from a person inquiring about one of our listings. They wondered if it was still for sale. We get these sorts of messages every now and then. They’re exciting – a new lead and opportunity for our seller. I responded that it was and said that I’d be happy to answer any questions for them or take them for a visit, if they’d like.

A few days later they wrote again. Also exciting – since a lot of times our answers disappear into a black hole. People write once but we never hear from them again. These potential buyers said they wanted to see the home, but that their agent was on vacation for the week. Would I still be willing to show it to them?

Hmmm, mixed emotions here.

First, and most importantly, somebody wants to see the home. We like showings.

Second, hats off to the agent taking a vacation. It’s very hard to get away from this business. Making personal time is important and it takes an effort to make it happen.

Third, showing a home to someone else’s client can be tricky. If needed, I’m willing to show other people’s client my listing. Not all agents are willing to. Some see it as wasting their valuable time doing something they won’t get paid for, “Can’t that other agent do their job?” I’m generally willing to give the other agent the benefit of the doubt, and am more worried about the agent thinking that I am interfering in their relationship with their client.

But as the listing agent, we have a duty to our seller to try and get their property sold. That happens by having showings. And I’m not going to deny a showing because I’m in a snit about someone taking a vacation or otherwise unavailable.

Okay, back to reality…

The buyer was very understanding and accommodating with the appointments that I already had set with my buyer clients for the day. We agreed to meet me later in the day and I encouraged them to take their time and answered the questions they had. They were enthusiastic about the home and I encouraged them to come back with their agent for another look when they returned from their vacation.

It was an exciting outcome, and some mystery remains. Will this potential buyer actually return once their agent returns from vacation? Will they put an offer in on our listing? I have no idea … what will the next email contain?

I do know that I gained an additional opportunity for my seller client and gained some good will with an agent and their client. I’m happy to spend time doing that any day.

4 thoughts on “An Exciting Email

  1. I assume they were willing to tell you who their agent was etc. so you could followup directly? If not, ehhhh…. Was there a reason they couldn’t wait a week that seemed credible? Regardless, it was nice of you to do it for your seller client just in case something comes of it. Hopefully so. Keep us posted – especially if the mystery deepens….

    On another note – totally separate topic —- I went to an open house the other week – it was a rather big old house- big and rambling, 3 stories. It must have been a slow weekend probably due to the snow; when we entered, the realtor was all alone, and there were no other people there. Plus, it was kinda overcast and dark out by then. To me – it was creepy — and I had a friend with me. What came to me was whether people (realtors) ever worry about security at these open houses — being all alone with strangers in big houses? Maybe I watch too many crime shows but it was the first thing I thought of when I realized it was so isolated; it actually gave me an unsettled feeling. However, I guess one could say its not any riskier than walking down Farmington Ave or anyplace else — you just have to keep your wits about you. Still, it raised that question in my mind as to how people manage that – or maybe you just get totally used to it?

  2. Michael- Yes, I did follow up with their agent directly. They did appreciate me helping them out.

    Regarding safety, I’m not sure how other agents handle it, but it is always on my mind for open houses and showings when I don’t know the people I’m meeting. I always have my cell phone on me somewhere and I will tell you that when I go into one of my listings with a stranger for a showing, or even during open houses, I have a planned second way out, other than the front door. There have been times at open houses when I’ve felt uneasy about visitors. Again, being aware, having the second way out and having my phone help somewhat. I realize there are dangers and try to be as present as I can, as well as always telling Kyle where I’ll be and when, and giving him the contact information and name of the people I’m supposed to meet. Maybe I’m overly paranoid, but I have no interest in being harmed. Hopefully others are also cautious.

  3. This photo is very European looking…. at first, I thought your post was going to be an overseas correspondent wanting to buy one of your houses!

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