My Friend’s Place Playground, South Windsor

What a nice day yesterday! With temperatures in the 50s on the first day of February, Ellen and I decided to find a new playground to explore. We ended up at My Friend’s Place in South Windsor at the Parks & Recreation Department. Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 slides Location: 150 Nevers Road, South Windsor; there is onsite parking. Hours: Dawn to Dusk My Friend’s Place is an expansive play area with multiple playscapes,

Bushnell Park Playground, Hartford

Ellen heads downtown to check out the scene in Hartford’s Bushnell Park. Ellen and I hadn’t been to a playground in a while, so we took a play break in Bushnell Park while running some errands in Downtown Hartford. Nothing like a slide to make us forget the agony of a trip to the bank! Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 slides Location: 65 Jewell Street, Hartford, entrance is near the intersection of Jewell and

Mikey’s Place Playground, Wethersfield

Our fearless playground tester/reporter scopes out the scene in Wethersfield. Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 slides. Location: 330 Garden Street, Wethersfield, CT Hours: 8am to sunset Mikey’s Place is a sprawling playground that features different playscapes and other features for children of all ages and abilities. Fun, fun, fun! Playscape: There are two primary playscapes. The one for smaller children feels like it goes on forever and is in a well fenced area with

I Love Playgrounds!

All this rain has been a real downer – I’m not allowed to go to the park when it’s rainy. And I really like to go to the park. Ask anyone, they’ve probably heard me campaigning for an outing. I completely don’t understand the whole “no park in the rain” rule. I’m almost 2 for goodness sakes, I’m not going to melt! Alas, I am trapped inside. Rather than using this time to aimlessly color,