Bushnell Park Playground, Hartford

Ellen heads downtown to check out the scene in Hartford’s Bushnell Park. Ellen and I hadn’t been to a playground in a while, so we took a play break in Bushnell Park while running some errands in Downtown Hartford. Nothing like a slide to make us forget the agony of a trip to the bank! Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 slides Location: 65 Jewell Street, Hartford, entrance is near the intersection of Jewell and

Hartford's Own Dr. Horace Wells

Close to the pond in the eastern portion of Bushnell Park sits a tall statue of Dr. Horace Wells. The inscription says that in December 1844 he discovered anesthesia. What an odd item to memorialize. Very important, but still a curious choice. I had to look a little deeper. Dr. Wells was a dentist and he lived a life that, if true, should be made into an episode of E! True Hollywood Stories. According to

Sledding Hills in Greater Hartford

I grew up in Vermont and, as kids, we took our winter storms seriously. I remember getting up at 5:00am on potential snow days, waiting by the radio, pleading with the announcer to please say my school’s name. Because I lived “in the city,” it didn’t happen all that often. We seemed to have snow removal down to a science. But on the rare occassion that the Snow Gods did defeat Rutland’s Public Works Department,

Picture Perfect Day: ING's Hartford Marathon

Note: Non-real estate related post follows. A few months ago, I posted a plea for running partners to help me train for ING’s Hartford Half Marathon. My wish was granted and I met some very nice ladies that I’ve trained with over the past few weeks. Well, today was the big day. The weather was perfect and I was ready to go. And to make it an even better event, several of our grad school