Face to Face Negotiation Tricks

Negotiating face to face is very rare in the real estate world. Most of the time buyers and sellers have agents who act as the intermediaries. Even if the agents for the buyer and the seller were sitting at a table, neither is empowered to act without consulting their clients. Most real estate negotiations are extended affairs that take days and involve plenty of discussion. Buying a car is a different experience – the buyer

My Friend’s Place Playground, South Windsor

What a nice day yesterday! With temperatures in the 50s on the first day of February, Ellen and I decided to find a new playground to explore. We ended up at My Friend’s Place in South Windsor at the Parks & Recreation Department. Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 slides Location: 150 Nevers Road, South Windsor; there is onsite parking. Hours: Dawn to Dusk My Friend’s Place is an expansive play area with multiple playscapes,

Sledding in Hartford: Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park has a popular sliding hill just to the east of Prospect Avenue, and just south of Asylum Avenue in Hartford. Though not very long, the steep embankment always draws a crowd in fresh snow and makes for an exciting run. There is even an opportunity for a jump at the bottom of the hill when crossing over the gravel path that circles this portion of the park.

Elizabeth Park Concert Season

Last Wednesday was the first of ten concerts in Elizabeth Park’s Summer Concert Series. Admission is free, and the music officially starts at 6:30. Call some friends, pack a picnic, and come on down to enjoy a different band each week. Our top correspondent, Grant, snapped a few pictures of the crowd and band this past week. Hope you can join the fun! Grant, thanks for the pictures!

Housing and Young People

Yesterday was the first session in a five-part series on public housing policy. Housing: The Hub of Public Policy 2010 is presented by The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, and The Partnership for Strong Communities; it is hosted by The Lyceum. The pre-event briefing memo touched on many issues and gave examples of what is happening in other parts of the country – it’s an interesting read. We