Buying in a Hot Real Estate Market

2021-02-27 Buying in a Hot Market

The 2021 Greater Hartford market is extremely hot. Buyer demand is very high, and seller inventory is very low. In fact, we are so concerned about the imbalances that we discussed the possibility of going to Inventory Zero later this spring. If you want to buy a home this spring, here are some suggestions… Accept that you are going to be competing for every home. There are many more buyers looking for a home than

Battling for New Clients

Recently someone contacted me regarding a rental that I had available. They were moving to the area and wanted to rent before buying. This person had some geographic restrictions because of their job and had other criteria that made their options fairly limited. Unfortunately my rental option went away because the home went under contract for sale. I offered suggestions and help for other places they may want to look and they continued doing their

Levels of Awesomeness

We’ve already taken a look back at how the real estate markets did in 2010, but there’s another review we can do that is just as exciting. How did the local agents do? And more importantly (to us), how did we do compared to everyone else? Before going any further, we have to define the ground rules. We like to keep it simple. We look at sold dollar volume in the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service