Revaluation Countdown

Are you in a Revaluation 2011 town? If so, then it’s just about time for the new fair market values to be distributed. Have you been checking your mailbox daily? Exciting, right?!? What’s the number going to be … how much is your home worth as of October 2011? There a good chance it will be a lower number than from the 2006 revaluation. Which is sad, but that’s the reality these days. So the

Property Taxes in the City of Hartford

One of the most difficult conversations that I have as a real estate agent is explaining the property tax system in the City of Hartford. Most of the time the subject comes up as I’m touring around with a buyer and trying to cover various home buying subjects as we drive from one property to the next. My client will casually ask about taxes, expecting an answer along the lines of “They’re low/high compared to

West Hartford Revaluation 2011, Part II

The other day we covered the basics of the upcoming West Hartford property revaluation. As a quick reminder, the process is underway, and new “Market Values” will be available and distributed in the October time frame. Homeowners with concerns about their number can go through the “Informal Hearing” process and appeal it beyond that if needed. Phasing In Market Values We tried to keep things simple last time, focusing on the basic revaluation process and

Property Taxes and Revaluations

We’re sensing some confusion over the future direction of property taxes among some of our buyer clients and homeowner friends. We don’t know pretend to know exactly what will happen, but have a theory we thought we should share: You’ll notice that property values (assessments) do not figure into the property tax calculation. Even though your home, or the home you hope to buy, may have fallen in value since the last revaluation, you should

Similar House, Higher Taxes. What Gives?

I recently received an email from a reader interested in the West Hartford market. Because their question was related to property taxes, something people are fixated on most of the time, I thought I would share the conversation with the masses… When looking online, every once in a while I am thrown off when i see two similar houses that have two totally different “estimated tax” amounts. A good example i found this morning is: