Garage Versus Tree

Garage Versus Tree

The other day I encountered a tree that was growing into the nearby garage. It’s difficult to see from the picture, but the branch is actually growing around the gutter and is beginning to dent it. Not an ideal situation, and presumably it will only get worse. Maybe I watched a little too much college basketball over the past month, but my first thought was to wonder if this is a blocking foul or a

Ode to the Hanger

We have had a branch hanging over our back yard for years. Last summer Ellen and I tried to pull it down. We put a weight on the end of a rope, threw the rope up there, and got it wrapped around the main part of the branch. But even that was not enough to bring it down – it was too well balanced. I am pleased to report that the recent wind storm has

Hurricane Irene: Feeling Fortunate

The storm has passed, the skies have cleared, and the wind has died down. It is a bright and sunny Monday. Sunday morning – before the eye of the storm arrived – turned out to be the worst of the weather for Greater Hartford. That’s when the bulk of the rain came through, and the strongest wind gusts, though they did not approach hurricane strengths. The rain died out quickly as the storm moved north

Our Tree Dilemma

Kyle and I live on a small piece of property. 0.16 acres to be exact (according to the City of Hartford). On the 0.16 acres we have our house, a small driveway, a shed, some gardens and shrubs, a weeping cherry tree, a medium-sized maple tree, and 4 very large maple trees. We’ve got a lot going on for our tiny plot. I must admit, we have a love/hate relationship with our 4 very large