HCPR: Muted Third Quarter Follows Tax Credit

Hartford County residential sales fell significantly in the third quarter of 2010 versus the third quarter of 2009 as buyers took a breather following the June expiration of the Federal Home Buyer Tax Credit. Median prices rose modestly over the year-previous quarter, while another measure of pricing, the median price per square foot, fell a comparable amount. Most noteworthy was the change in the mix of homes that sold as the Tax Credit phased out

HCPR: Soaring Sales in Second Quarter

Sales in Hartford County soared in the second quarter of 2010 versus the second quarter of 2009 thanks to the Federal Home Buyer Tax Credit. Median prices were up modestly over the year-previous quarter. Median days on market fell meaningfully, reflecting the frenzied pace of the County’s residential real estate market as the tax credit overlapped with the traditional spring market. Single-Family Homes Second quarter sales of single-family homes increased 23.8% compared to the year-earlier