HCPR: Muted Third Quarter Follows Tax Credit

Hartford County residential sales fell significantly in the third quarter of 2010 versus the third quarter of 2009 as buyers took a breather following the June expiration of the Federal Home Buyer Tax Credit. Median prices rose modestly over the year-previous quarter, while another measure of pricing, the median price per square foot, fell a comparable amount. Most noteworthy was the change in the mix of homes that sold as the Tax Credit phased out

HCPR: Increasing Activity in the First Quarter

Hartford County’s housing markets saw an increase in the number of closings in the first quarter of 2010 versus the first quarter of 2009. This continued the positive momentum from the second half of 2009, but is still well below the sales pace from the early and mid 2000s. Median sales prices were up slightly, while median days on market fell sharply. Single-Family Homes First quarter sales of single-family homes increased 16.4% compared to the

HCPR: Year End 2009 Analysis

On Monday we highlighted the key data from the Year End 2009 Hartford County Property Report. The data definitely tells a story – sales in the fourth quarter are dramatically higher than last year – but there are other factors that are also important. The complete report, with statistics and charts for all the towns in the county, is available here. Overall Environment The housing market is influenced by the state of the local economy

Hartford County Property Report Q4 2009

In an effort to be timely and transparent with real estate data for Hartford County, we are excited to launch our first Hartford County Property Report. By clicking on this link, you’ll have access to our report, analysis, and Hartford County real estate data by town for the fourth quarter of 2009, as well as 2009 overall. Going forward, we’ll publish this information and analysis on a quarterly basis. If you have interest in a