Students in Downtown Hartford

Once upon a time, Trinity College was located just across Bushnell Park from Downtown Hartford. The college had a 10 acre (relatively small) campus that the City of Hartford offered to buy in 1872. The Trustees accepted, and moved the school to its present location in 1878. As a general rule, I try not to second guess decisions that were made more than one hundred years ago.  Eighty-six is my limit.  Once you get to one hundred, it

Downtown Hartford Living: Here Come the Groceries

The development of downtown Hartford is always of interest to me because I work with clients that contemplate living in the city versus the ‘burbs. Today, the Courant provided some insight on the build-out of the grocery store in the Hartford 21 building on Trumbull Street. Soon, I will finally have a better answer to, “Where is the nearest grocery store?” when asked by a customer. At this point I tell them 3 options, Wethersfield,