Hartford Public Safety Complex

Work continues on the future Hartford Public Safety Complex on High Street. These pictures show the progress as of Saturday, June 27, 2009. The current schedule calls for the project to be complete in April 2011, and look something like this. The roof of the former Hartford Board of Education building has been removed as crews work to preserve the historic brick facade. Looking into the structure, the second floor railing and spindles are visible

Hartford: Goodbye Goodwin Hotel, Hello Society Room

The Courant had two interesting articles on Hartford business this morning; the end of the Goodwin Hotel and the birth of The Society Room. This is a bittersweet juxtaposition, now isn’t it? On one hand you have a business that’s closed and 100 people lost their jobs. But on the other hand you have a new business moving into Downtown Hartford that will add employment and attract large groups of people for events (that may

Negotiating Your Relocation Package- Buy Side

Last week I wrote about various benefits you may get in a corporate relocation package when you need to sell a house. Today we’ll cover benefits you may receive if you’re buying a home in your new location. In all cases, you’ll work with a real estate agent to find your new home. If you know of a specific agent that you’d like to work with, tell your relocation company that agent’s name and their

Students in Downtown Hartford

Once upon a time, Trinity College was located just across Bushnell Park from Downtown Hartford. The college had a 10 acre (relatively small) campus that the City of Hartford offered to buy in 1872. The Trustees accepted, and moved the school to its present location in 1878. As a general rule, I try not to second guess decisions that were made more than one hundred years ago.  Eighty-six is my limit.  Once you get to one hundred, it