Waiting for Walmart

We’ve been patiently waiting for the Bishop’s Corner “Neighborhood Market by Walmart” to open in West Hartford. What will it be? How will the community respond? Will it be compelling enough to draw us in as regular shoppers? Even though it seems like forever, the official announcement was made less than a year ago. The whole shopping plaza has seen a considerable amount of investment in that time. The current estimate is for Walmart to

Downtown Hartford Living: Here Come the Groceries

The development of downtown Hartford is always of interest to me because I work with clients that contemplate living in the city versus the ‘burbs. Today, the Courant provided some insight on the build-out of the grocery store in the Hartford 21 building on Trumbull Street. Soon, I will finally have a better answer to, “Where is the nearest grocery store?” when asked by a customer. At this point I tell them 3 options, Wethersfield,