Real Estate Bargains: Common Myths

So you’re looking for a home and you want a real bargain? You’re not interested in a fair price, or even a good price, you’re talking about a real steal, right? Join the crowd – there are a lot buyers out there just like you. Unfortunately, bargain hunters have a number of misconceptions about the current real estate market. Today we’re going to examine a few of the surprisingly common myths. Myth #1: You can

Ethics and Real Estate Agents

Gallup recently released the 2008 results of their annual Honesty and Ethics of Professions poll. Real estate agents came out in the middle of the pack of the polled professions, with the majority of those polled indicating that they felt the real estate profession has average integrity. This year’s results are not substantially different for real estate agents than surveys of years past. I never used to think much about these polls when I worked