Try, Try Again

Have you ever submitted an offer and had the seller say “Thanks for the offer. Would you like to try again?” I’ve delivered this response as the seller’s agent, as well as received this response as a buyer’s agent. It’s really not a lot of fun to be delivering or receiving this response. If you’re the seller’s agent, it means that someone most likely submitted a low ball offer. Your seller client got excited that

Real Estate Bargains: Common Myths

So you’re looking for a home and you want a real bargain? You’re not interested in a fair price, or even a good price, you’re talking about a real steal, right? Join the crowd – there are a lot buyers out there just like you. Unfortunately, bargain hunters have a number of misconceptions about the current real estate market. Today we’re going to examine a few of the surprisingly common myths. Myth #1: You can

Who Pays a Buyer's Agent?

Before I officially start working with a Buyer I often meet with them for a no-obligation consultative session. It’s really a two way interview. They have an opportunity to pick my brain about the market, the buying process, and me- my work style, my philosophy about home buying, and my life outside of work. Similarly, I am asking them questions about their interests, their thoughts about buying, and what they’re looking for in a home