Buyer Agents Are…

In the state of Connecticut buyers are able to have their own agents in a home purchase. Buyers have all sorts of different perceptions of buyer agents and this law. At the end of the day, buyer agents are what you make them. Some see buyer agents as an unnecessary obstacle to their purchase. The buyers just want to purchase a home and feel they can manage their deal themselves. These people often end up

Try, Try Again

Have you ever submitted an offer and had the seller say “Thanks for the offer. Would you like to try again?” I’ve delivered this response as the seller’s agent, as well as received this response as a buyer’s agent. It’s really not a lot of fun to be delivering or receiving this response. If you’re the seller’s agent, it means that someone most likely submitted a low ball offer. Your seller client got excited that

Buyer's Agent as Personal Shopper

As a buyer’s agent, I’m on the lookout for interesting houses for my clients – their personal shopper in the real estate markets. I’m their eyes and ears on the ground, monitoring the new listings, checking out properties in person, and asking about other opportunities. There are many reasons why this can be helpful to buyers, but here are two biggies. Properties show up and disappear from the public websites differently than on the MLS

Real Estate Bargains: Common Myths

So you’re looking for a home and you want a real bargain? You’re not interested in a fair price, or even a good price, you’re talking about a real steal, right? Join the crowd – there are a lot buyers out there just like you. Unfortunately, bargain hunters have a number of misconceptions about the current real estate market. Today we’re going to examine a few of the surprisingly common myths. Myth #1: You can

Questions from the Home Buying Workshop

Last weekend I did a Home Buying Workshop at the Connecticut Convention Center in conjunction with the CT Home and Remodeling Show. It was a very interactive discussion, and attendees asked many interesting questions. Here are two questions we covered that will hopefully be relevant to a larger audience: How do I find out about open houses? There are a few places to check to find out about the open houses in the Greater Hartford