Gardening in Greater Hartford

The snowless winter has made sledding nearly impossible this season. We got a few runs in after the Halloween storm, and a few more after a modest snowfall in January, but since then the sleds have been idle. Instead we’ve been thinking about spring and the upcoming gardening season. And it seems like others are on the same page. Last week we learned about an updated plant hardiness map from the USDA. The map for

Greater Hartford Farm Scene: Part 1

Greetings! My name is Farm Boy, and I’ve been offered the opportunity to write about all things environmental for the Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog. I’m very excited about exploring topics such as local agriculture, recycling, composting, etc. As the summer season creeps into August, it seems to be as good a time as any to discuss the local farm scene in the Hartford area. The Connecticut Department of Agriculture website offers a wide array

Our 2010 Vegetable Experiment

Kyle and I try to be do-it-yourselfers where we can. Lawn care, painting, small carpentry projects. You know, easy stuff that our schedule allows us to do and ones where if we screwed up we wouldn’t electrocute ourselves or flood the house. We’re getting into the warmer weather now, so it should be time for us to start planning and planting our vegetable garden. Maybe you followed our Tomato Experiment last year. It was the

This Old House Magazine

The magazine version of This Old House arrived in the mail yesterday. It was a very good day. There are only 2 magazines that I immediately sit down and read cover-to-cover, and this is one of them (the other is Wired). It is a perfect mix of interesting stories, tasteful design ideas, and moderate skill project suggestions. Each issue is full of useful tips and addresses issues that relate to me, since we actually live

Small Victory in the Tomato Experiment

Maybe you’ve been following our tomato experiment. A couple of weeks ago we were rejoicing about beating the neighborhood critters. Well, now our plants have succumbed to the blight. Eh. Our five remaining tomato plants still have tons of tomatoes on them, it’s just that we lose about 15 tomatoes for every 1 we harvest. These are some ugly tomatoes… This past week we did declare a small victory, as we were able to save