Winter Sun

2013-12-20 Winter Sun - 600

At our home the most private yard space is to the north of the house. There is a very noticeable difference in the amount of sun we get in that area throughout the seasons. During the summer we line up containers of tomato plants and grow vegetables. In the winter? Well, the sun barely shines on the yard at all – see below. It would be an excellent spot for an ice rink. The good

The Mulch Calculator

Mulch Pile

Mulching the gardens is a spring tradition here at the Bergquist house. We don’t have a very large lot, but have more than our share of garden space. Each of the past two years we have added large gardens to a portion of the yard that was formerly shaded by a large tree. Once upon a time we could load up bags of mulch at the Home Improvement Superstore and haul them home. We had

The Secret Lettuce Garden

Secret Lettuce Patch

The other day I came across this while exploring with Ellen. I have occasionally seen news segments on various crops being grown in the middle of the forest to avoid detection, but never thought I would stumble upon such an operation myself. This is clearly a clandestine romaine lettuce farm set up in the wilds down by the river. But I support the use of lettuce (for health reasons!), and am sworn to secrecy so