The Secret Lettuce Garden

Secret Lettuce Patch

The other day I came across this while exploring with Ellen. I have occasionally seen news segments on various crops being grown in the middle of the forest to avoid detection, but never thought I would stumble upon such an operation myself. This is clearly a clandestine romaine lettuce farm set up in the wilds down by the river. But I support the use of lettuce (for health reasons!), and am sworn to secrecy so

Should Rising Sea Levels Influence Real Estate Decisions?

Should the threat of rising sea levels factor into the real estate decisions of home buyer or home owners? We hear frequent debate about whether the globe is warming, and if so, whether or not our civilizations and lifestyles are the cause. We also hear about large chunks of ice that break off into the ocean. But we do not hear much about specific consequences of rising sea levels in the news. Satellite images show