Is Snow Slowing the Real Estate Market?

I don’t know about you, but we got 19 inches of snow in Hartford last Wednesday. I chronicled it here and here and here. It was a nice day to kind of lay low and then shovel out. Since then we’ve had a few more inches of snow added and we are apparently supposed to get 3″-6″ more on Friday. Sheesh, that’s a lot of shoveling. We’re at the point at our house where we’re

Preparing for the Spring

Winter is an excellent opportunity to begin thinking about the spring real estate market. Although there is a lot going on, taking a little time here and there to create a plan, and set some portions in motion, could make a big difference when you’re energized early in the new year. We sat down in front of the warm fire last night and came up with four ideas for getting ready for the spring. These

Busy Week

It was a busy time in my little world this week. Four of my buyer clients wrote contracts on properties. Two were accepted, one is still pending, and another was rejected. Again I was involved in more multiple offer situations. Each of the situations had 3 buyers that wrote offers. Eh. They seem never ending this year for some reason. Next week I’ll write a series of posts about multiple offer situations and how they

Worky Work, Busy Bee!

In the last week, I’ve shown 28 houses to 7 different buyer clients. A couple of them have found the right home for them and we’re working on offers. One of them is in a multiple offer situation right now. Another agent in my office was involved in a different multiple offer situation yesterday. A couple of my sellers are working on offers too. Negotiations on both sides seem to be taking longer, but deals

Greater Hartford Real Estate Market Statistics- Summer 2008

Labor Day unofficially marks the end of summer. Vacations are over for the most part. Kids are headed back to school. The drawbridge to the Cape is raised. Now is the perfect time to look back at the full spectrum of data for the spring real estate market in the Hartford area. Most people try to plan their moves between the months of May and August. This behavior follows the break in the school cycle,