West Hartford Sales Contracts

Real estate activity in West Hartford feels like it has really picked up over the past few weeks. Agents are buzzing around like busy bees, and houses are going under contract. We’re seeing some homes sell very quickly after they are offered for sale, and we’re seeing multiple buyers compete for properties. There is clearly still broad interest in living in West Hartford. I was curious to see if the data supported our “feel” for

Please, Put Your Offer in Writing

I don’t know what’s going on lately, but in the past few months I’ve gotten several calls from real estate agents that have clients interested in my listings and they’d like me to present verbal offers to my sellers. Verbal offers are not standard practice when selling real estate in Hartford County. The Greater Hartford Association of Realtors has a standard purchase and sale contract that is used to write and present offers on properties.

The Right Offer Price

I’ve been showing lots of houses lately because in many cases buyers have much to choose from and they’re a little bit more hesitant about the market. The current financial situation is freaking people out, and rightly so in some cases. When we do eventually find “the one,” there is much more hand wringing about what to initially offer than there used to be. Some of my buyers take a low ball strategy, no matter

I Want to Fire My Agent

Occassionally I’ll get a phone call or email from a seller that is not happy with the real estate agent currently representing them. They ask if I can help them because they want to fire their agent. This is very touchy ground because real estate agents are not allowed to interfere with the relationships between other agents and their clients. The advice I always give is this: if you are not happy with your current

Great Idea! Let's Commit Mortgage Fraud!

I had an agent, “Pat,” contact me this week about one of my listings. Pat’s clients were interested in the house and considering putting in an offer. Pat proceed to ask me how “creative” my clients were. Being left-handed, I’m always open to creativity, so I asked for an explanation of what they had in mind. Pat gave me some details about how the contract would be structured and then mentioned that the buyers would