100 Years of Inflation

As part of our home’s 100 year birthday celebration, we learned that the original cost to build the structure in 1911 was $8,000. Starting with that data point, I tried to do some figurin’ to see how much that is in today’s dollars. Doing the calculation in my head was a very bad idea. Without actually thinking about it very much, I jumped to the conclusion that the $8,000 was “like a million bucks” in

Hartford County Property Report Q4 2009

In an effort to be timely and transparent with real estate data for Hartford County, we are excited to launch our first Hartford County Property Report. By clicking on this link, you’ll have access to our report, analysis, and Hartford County real estate data by town for the fourth quarter of 2009, as well as 2009 overall. Going forward, we’ll publish this information and analysis on a quarterly basis. If you have interest in a