I Am Not a Parasite

Dear Closing Attorney: I hadn’t met you before last Friday, but my client’s mortgage lender recommended that she use you because they have a “closed list” of attorneys they allow buyers to use. I understand this simplifies things for the bank because they can get you to follow certain processes which streamlines their operations. So she went with it. At the closing table you seemed nice enough, making the usual pleasantries and closing jokes as

Firing Clients

The other day I called an agent to get some feedback after they showed one of my listings. The agent informed me that they were not sure what the person thought about the home because they had fired their client and would no longer be working with them. The agent indicated that the client repeatedly wasn’t respectful of their time and the agent was cutting their losses, rather than continue to be disrespected. Honestly, it

Real Estate Agent or Therapist?

The other day a client was sharing something personal with me and said “Gosh, I’m sorry, I’m acting like you’re my therapist.” I hear this often. My job puts me in the position where people are sharing personal information with me. A lot. They’re asking for advice based on difficult decisions that they may be making. I hear about very happy and sad situations all of the time. A marriage. A new child. A better

Realtor Calendars and Other Freebies

Today we received our annual refrigerator calendar magnet from the Realtor that sold us our home back in 2004. We haven’t actually heard from or seen her since 2004, but every December we get our calendar, like clockwork. You might have this happen too. Agents like to send these desk or refrigerator calendars to their past clients to remind them that they’re still alive and could potentially help them sell their home if the need

Pop Quiz! Who Decides Where You Live?

Who decides where you live? A. Your real estate agent B. Your parents or some other relative C. Your friends D. Your co-workers E. You The correct answer to this question is E- You, but sadly I see options A, B, C, and D occurring quite often. This really isn’t how it should be, but sometimes it’s the reality. Here’s how it happens… Your Real Estate Agent Your real estate agent should be a wealth