2010 Condo Market Stats

Today we’re going to look at the Hartford County condo market for 2010. Like we’ve been doing with the single-family market, we’re going to focus on the contracts written so that we have a sense of when buyers and sellers are most active. The chart below shows the number of contracts written by month for each of the past two years, which will give a good baseline for what we will see in the coming

A Decade of Hartford County Real Estate Transactions

Yes, we know we are dorks. You know we are dorks too and it doesn’t hurt our feelings if you call us that. And we also know that you like these data posts, so you are at least a little dorky too. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone… The local MLS that we are members of has been collecting data electronically since 2000. We thought this would be a good opportunity to do a data

An Unexpected Surge

Local real estate markets have felt surprisingly busy over the past month. November is usually when things start to slow down for the holiday season, but this year has seemed different. After a slow fall, business actually seems to be picking up recently. Are the markets really busier than normal for this time of year? The best way to investigate this question is to look at the number of contracts written by month. Let’s compare

Elizabeth Park Concert Season

Last Wednesday was the first of ten concerts in Elizabeth Park’s Summer Concert Series. Admission is free, and the music officially starts at 6:30. Call some friends, pack a picnic, and come on down to enjoy a different band each week. Our top correspondent, Grant, snapped a few pictures of the crowd and band this past week. Hope you can join the fun! Grant, thanks for the pictures!

Real Estate Activity Decrease by Town – May 2010

May is a busy real estate month. More deals are done in the spring than in other times of the year, and the month of May is right there in the middle of the spring. In most years, the months of April and May have the two highest totals of contracts written (buyers and sellers agreeing on a sale). May usually edges out April, but not always. It depends on how the holidays fall, and