Q2 Condo Contracts: Good News for Buyers

The Hartford County Condo market has fallen out of sync with the traditional seasonality, creating a good opportunity for buyers with lots to choose from and a more favorable pricing environment to go along with very attractive mortgage rates. The data shows a 13% decrease in the total number of contracts from the second quarter of 2010. However, looking more closely at the individual months, we can see that 2011 showed very steady performance –

The Ideal Time and Place to Pea

I’m ready to start gardening. Is it warm enough to plant peas yet? I know they are okay with the cold, but the very beginning of April may be too soon to plant. Especially since I’m planning to just put them in the ground rather than get them started inside. I don’t have any go-to gardening sites – does anyone have any that they like? The next important question is where to put them. It

Did You See That?

Last evening was a nice night for real estate. Temperatures were in the mid 50s, which is unseasonably warm for late November, and quite pleasant for looking at houses. But it wasn’t a perfect night. The problem? It got dark before 5:00! So our buyers really couldn’t see the fantastic architectural details or the brand new roof. The lack of light at this time of year makes evaluating houses more challenging. Most buyers work during