Buyer Agents Are…

In the state of Connecticut buyers are able to have their own agents in a home purchase. Buyers have all sorts of different perceptions of buyer agents and this law. At the end of the day, buyer agents are what you make them. Some see buyer agents as an unnecessary obstacle to their purchase. The buyers just want to purchase a home and feel they can manage their deal themselves. These people often end up

How Often Does the Listing Agent Bring the Buyer?

The other day we were wondering, how often does the listing agent for a home also represent the buyer? This situation is called Dual Agency, and is something we’ve explored in the past. However, we never looked to see how often it happens in our area. To attack the question we looked at all the single family home sales that have closed so far this year in Hartford County. The data came from the CTMLS,


I recently received this message, and wanted to share it in hopes of preventing similar situations in the future.   Dear GHREB, Like you, I am a real estate agent working in the communities of Greater Hartford. I recently had an experience that has left me sad and upset, and wanted to get your take on the situation. Over the summer I sold the home of someone that I have known for many years in

Who's Working for You?

You’re driving down the street and you pass a nice looking house with a For Sale posted in the yard. You’re not working with a real estate agent and you want some more information about the house, so you call the number on the For Sale sign. You’re either connected with the agent actually listing the house or the real estate office where they work. At this point, the person on the other end of