West Hartford Stats: End of Summer

2013-08 West Hartford Transactions by Month

West Hartford finished August 2013 with 84 single-family closings, up from 76 in August of 2012. Overall the town is about 12% ahead of 2012 in terms of transactions. The most active price bands are showing an increase in activity over the past 12 months. Homes priced at the upper end of the market are in line with the previous year. However, at the lower end of the market there has been a 13% decrease

West Hartford Stats: An Exciting Market

2013-04 West Hartford Transactions by Month

West Hartford has been one of the hottest real estate markets so far this year. Here are a few charts to show where it is as of the middle of the spring season. Data is for single-family homes and comes from the CTMLS, which deemed reliable but not guaranteed. The number of closed sales has at least equaled the 2012 total in every month. Overall, 19% more deals have closed this year compared to the

I Can Predict the Future!

My crystal ball says that closings in March are going to trail last year by a wide margin. Look for an article citing GHAR’s March stats to appear in the mainstream media early April, and then another one based on the Warren Group’s figures in May. Both will show a decrease in activity. April closings will trail last year by an even larger margin than March! But most people won’t hear about that until the

How Often Does the Listing Agent Bring the Buyer?

The other day we were wondering, how often does the listing agent for a home also represent the buyer? This situation is called Dual Agency, and is something we’ve explored in the past. However, we never looked to see how often it happens in our area. To attack the question we looked at all the single family home sales that have closed so far this year in Hartford County. The data came from the CTMLS,

Friday the 13th

The other day we were talking about our current pending deals, and noted that we both have closings scheduled for mid August. Closing in the middle of the month is pretty common, but we discovered that our two deals have something in common. Neither us, nor our clients, wanted to close on Friday the 13th. Friday is the most common day for real estate closings in Hartford County. In looking at data for over 30,000