Weekend Plans: May 14th, 2011

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside recently. For the most part we’ve been cleaning up the yard from the winter, but we have also begun to plant the flower gardens for the spring. Clean-up and gardens have overlapped a little bit this year. We had been concerned about the snow crushing our shrubs, but they bounced back surprisingly well. However, in other parts of the yard, we did lose a couple of garden

Our Topsy Turvy Tomato Experiment

Kyle and I are both originally from Vermont. I think this means that we are supposed to have green thumbs. My theory comes from the fact that when I was in college just about every person that learned I was from Vermont asked “Did you grow up on a farm?” To set the record straight, neither Kyle nor I grew up on a farm. Perhaps as a tribute to our “heritage,” each year we try

West End Weekend

Won’t you visit my neighborhood in the West End of Hartford this weekend? We’re having a host of activities and surely there will be something to make everyone smile. Kick off your weekend yummy-style Friday on your way home from work. Stop by the United Methodist Church at the corner of South Whitney and Farmington Avenue from 4-7 for the season’s first West End Farmer’s Market. Partake in the (free) Strawberry Shortcake Festival and support