The Missing Domino: First-Time Buyers

Red House

I really enjoy watching a creatively placed set of dominoes fall down piece by piece. There’s a rhythm and organization to it all that is very appealing … I find it calming. Mind you, I’m not the one to set them all up, but that’s a different story. Real estate can be like knocking over dominoes. When people want to move within a town, they often will have to sell their existing home in order

Buyers: Don't Forget to Have Fun

Buyer’s Week has been an exciting ride here at the Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog. We covered the current opportunity, the importance of talking to a mortgage professional, the benefits of trading up in a down market, and buying when you also have a house to sell. Fond memories… Buying a home is a process punctuated by events. We think that buyers should understand what they are getting into at the start, and hope that

Homebuyer Tax Credit Update

The Senate has overwhelmingly passed an extension to the hotly debated homebuyer tax credit. The updated version of the program has larger scope and is more generous than its predecessors. Note that the extension is not official until it is also passed by the House and signed by President Obama. The new program offers people that have lived in their home for 5 years or more (move-up buyers) a $6,500 credit. It also increases the

Renewing the Home Buyer Credit

We’ve received a lot of questions recently about the soon-to-expire First Time Home Buyer’s Credit. Since the time has basically passed to be able to take advantage of it in a home purchase, the discussion has shifted to the future of the program. Analysts and commentators around the country are weighing in on the subject, dividing into two camps. Camp 1: Extend the credit, and perhaps even expand it to all buyers and with larger

National Real Estate News Roundup

There have been a few interesting real estate stories and announcements around the nation this week. But first, the changing seasons along tree-lined Farmington Avenue in West Hartford Center. Today’s Wall Street Journal has a piece on Shadow Inventory (Subscription Required), which are homes that are not currently on the market but are expected to be listed for sale in the near future. They focus on foreclosures, and found about 1.5 million mortgages currently in