A School in the West End: Community Meeting

Last night CREC presented their proposal to the public at the West End Civic Association general meeting. The event was standing room only, with well over 50 residents in attendance, and it was a lively affair. Among the attendees were the Mayor, three City Council members, and the Superintendent of Hartford Public Schools. After some initial West End announcements, CREC gave their presentation covering the school, the site, and reasons why they felt it was

A School in the West End: Our Conclusions

We’ve spent the week documenting the debate surrounding CREC’s proposed facility for the Museum Academy Magnet School in the West End of Hartford. We have tried to stick to the facts and present both sides of the discussion fairly to give both points of view an equal chance. Today we’re going to dig into the arguments of both sides a little more deeply. Here are our thoughts and views, we’ll start with a summary and

A School in the West End: Arguments Against

Continuing with our series on the CREC proposal to build a permanent facility for their Museum Academy Magnet School, today we cover the arguments against the project. Monday we gave an overview, Tuesday was the site visit, and yesterday were the arguments supporting the proposal. Remember, these were the main concerns as of a 2/21/2012 WECA sub-committee meeting but positions (and CREC’s proposal) may evolve over time. Opponents to the project have raised the following

A School in the West End: Arguments For

After giving the initial overview of CREC’s proposal for a West End site, and taking the photo tour of the lots in question, we’re ready to articulate the positions of both the supporters and opponents of the project. Amy has attended numerous meetings as a member of the WECA sub-committee that has been reviewing CREC’s proposals. Today we’ll cover the arguments supporters have made during the process. Tomorrow we’ll focus on the arguments of the

A School in the West End: Site Visit

Yesterday we began our series on CREC’s proposal to buy the former Hartford College for Women campus from the University of Hartford and redevelop it into a permanent home for their Museum Academy magnet School. Today we take a photo tour of the site to identify the different buildings and share basic observations and information that we have gathered. Site Overview The site under discussion makes up most of the block of land that is