Try, Try Again

Have you ever submitted an offer and had the seller say “Thanks for the offer. Would you like to try again?” I’ve delivered this response as the seller’s agent, as well as received this response as a buyer’s agent. It’s really not a lot of fun to be delivering or receiving this response. If you’re the seller’s agent, it means that someone most likely submitted a low ball offer. Your seller client got excited that

Face to Face Negotiation Tricks

Negotiating face to face is very rare in the real estate world. Most of the time buyers and sellers have agents who act as the intermediaries. Even if the agents for the buyer and the seller were sitting at a table, neither is empowered to act without consulting their clients. Most real estate negotiations are extended affairs that take days and involve plenty of discussion. Buying a car is a different experience – the buyer

Is the Price Negotiable?

Yesterday I hosted an open house at one of our listings. At least 3 of the visitors asked me if the price was negotiable. My advice to buyers is always: If you’re a serious buyer and interested in a house, put in an offer. If you don’t think the house is worth the asking price, offer something lower. You’ll never know how negotiable the sellers are unless you put in that first offer. That’s the

The Middle

We’ve been assisting buyers and sellers with negotiating a lot of contracts lately. One of the things we’ve noticed is that people tend to gravitate towards “The Middle.” What that means is, the middle between the buyer’s starting point and the seller’s listing price. For example, if a house is priced at $350,000 and the buyer starts at $320,000, you’re probably going to end up right around $335,000. The problem with The Middle is that

Car Shopping vs House Hunting- Negotiating

Our purchase did not go as expected. Despite our experience in negotiating home prices, our ideas and strategies didn’t really translate to the auto world all that well. As Amy has pointed out in past posts, cars are different than houses. Different dealers can carry the exact same car (or at least nearly the same – close enough). So once a buyer decides which car they want, they can get it anywhere. We picked out