I Don’t Want Your Money

A few weekends ago I was running an open house in West Hartford. The traffic was pretty steady and most people seemed to react positively to the home. About a half hour in, a buyer came up to me and asked me if they could give me money to hold the house for them. Excuse me? A deposit. They wondered if they could give me a deposit to hold the house for them. There seemed

Interest in Landlording

Landlords are required to follow rules while handling the money of their tenants. One of them relates to the security deposits that they collect when someone first moves in. Tenants are supposed to earn interest on their deposits at a rate defined by the state. For many years (since 2002) the state held the required security deposit interest rate at 1.5%. This page on the CT Department of Banking site shows the historical interest rates

West Hartford Sales Contracts

Real estate activity in West Hartford feels like it has really picked up over the past few weeks. Agents are buzzing around like busy bees, and houses are going under contract. We’re seeing some homes sell very quickly after they are offered for sale, and we’re seeing multiple buyers compete for properties. There is clearly still broad interest in living in West Hartford. I was curious to see if the data supported our “feel” for