Hartford Revaluation 2011 – Mill Rate Estimate

Thursday’s Hartford Courant contained an article and photo gallery projecting possible tax bills for a number of different properties in the City of Hartford. Their story contained just enough information to figure out what their model of the revaluation’s results say about the mill rate and residential assessment ratio. The Courant is projecting that the three property classes will have assessment ratios of 70% for commercial, 50% for apartments (which now includes four-family buildings) and

November Contracts: Winter in New England

November is traditionally the time of year when real estate activity begins to slow. We did see a modest fall-off in deals, but it was not a big surprise, and was an average of recent results. Last year November was more in line with October than December, while in 2009 it was an even larger decrease from October than we’re seeing right now. Perhaps winter arrived a little early this year in Greater Hartford; we

West Hartford Revaluation 2011 – Mill Rate Estimate

Last Tuesday we wrote about the West Hartford revaluation, focusing on the informal hearings that allow individual property owners to challenge the market values that they received in the mail from the Town. Today we turn our attention to analyzing the big picture results of the revaluation. Amanda Falcone’s piece in the Thursday’s Hartford Courant quotes West Hartford Assessor Joseph Dakers Sr. as saying the new market values will “likely cause the town’s grand list

West Hartford Revaluation 2011 – Informal Hearings

West Hartford’s 2011 revaluation is progressing smoothly, and reached the public phase when Market Value letters began arriving during the second half of November. Before going any further, it is very important to emphasize three key points: 1. Property taxes don’t change until July 2012. 2. Taxes would be calculated based on the “New Property Assessment” in the bottom right of the letter, not the market value. 3. The mill rate will change, so multiplying

Restoration Hardware Fall 2011 Source Book

Kyle brought in the mail yesterday and he set a big book down on the dining room table. I wondered- did my book club order arrive from Amazon already? Speedy service, I just placed it yesterday. No. It was the Restoration Hardware Fall 2011 Source Book. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything quite like it as far as a store catalog goes. It’s 615 pages. I’m not kidding. It’s heavy. I weighed it.